News releases


NFC, JSC gives support to Life Line Charitable Fund

New Forwarding Company (NFC), JSC, together with other companies of Globaltrans Group, transferred funds to Life Line Fund to support seriously sick children. Life Line Charitable Program was established June 1, 2004. In its development, successful experience of international organizations operating in the area of healthcare and charity was used. Since 2008, the Program has acquired the status of Fund.


NFC, JSC - the Best Operator of 2015 in the rating of Russian Railways, OJSC

On November 10, the 13th "Transportation Services Market: Interaction and Partnership" International Conference took place at Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow. Annually, about 600 delegates participate in the event, including representatives from national regulators and Russian Railways, OJSC, operators of railway vehicles and cargo owners, as well as independent experts and scientists. The conference discusses technological issues of railway-based carriage organization and algorithms of interaction between a railway carrier, an operator and a customer of transportation services.


Valery Shpakov appointed as Acting Director General of Globaltrans Group

Sergei Maltsev left the position of Director General and his seat in the Board of Directors of Globaltrans Group. His duties will be temporarily exercised by Valery Shpakov, Group's First Deputy Director General. Since 2007, he has been head of New Forwarding Company, JSC, a subsidiary of Globaltrans Group.


NFC and Gaysky GOK optimize the process of ore delivery from distant deposits

New Forwarding Company, JSC has optimized the process of ore delivery to Gaysky GOK (an enterprise of raw material complex of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company) from Dombarovskaya group of deposits ("Letneye", "Osenneye" and "Levoberezhnoye"). NFC replaced the fleet of open box cars engaged in carriage of ore for Gaysky GOK by specialized dump cars.


Top management of NFC, JSC included in the rating of the Kommersant Newspaper and Russian Managers Association

On September 16, Kommersant, a leading Russian business newspaper, published the results of a joint project of the eponymous publishing house and Russian Managers Association – the 16th annual rating of Top 1000 Russian Managers.


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