Locomotive Facilities

NFC is the owner of its own locomotive fleet (mainline locomotives). During the period of service of the own train formations (OTF) on public railways, NFC has accumulated its experience in the work technique development using its own formations, locomotive fleet maintenance organization and its repair at the local enterprises of the RZD. To ensure the stability of the notified rail-freight traffic  delivery   some agreements with Russian suppliers of spare parts and combustive and lubricating materials for locomotives were concluded.

A 10 year service experience of the OTF of NFC proves its technological efficiency and cargo owners lower costs for the transportation of cargoes. Locomotive controllers serve 24 hours  to keep track of train formations by co-operative interaction with the control unit of the RZD.

The whole set of actions to operate the private locomotive fleet allows to provide for full control over the range of technological operations, including an increase in the turnover of rolling stock resulting in significant traffic handling cost reduction.




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