Control center

The principal tasks of the Control center of New Forwarding Company, JSC located in Moscow are train organization and management to ensure proper freight in NFC cars as well as  the company'scar control technology optimization in order to increase its performance.

The main functions of the Control center are as follows:

  • centralized dispatch control of NFC carriage rolling stock to respond to the  clients' requests taking into account  the loading schedule approved by the transport operator  ;
  • information exchange with the Central Traffic Control Directorate of the OJSC "RZD" and the Corporate Transport Service Center of the OJSC RZD, as well as customer transport units;
  • ongoing monitoring of NFC routes, group and car loads through the Russian Railways to comply with the terms of cargo delivery;
  • ongoing monitoring of NFC controlled rail cars in the freight operations at the stations and at the loading/unloading terminals.


Control Center Telephone Numbers

Region Telephone number
West +7 (499) 260 7918
East +7 (499) 260 7917


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