Repair facilities

Railway Cars and Rolling Stock Repair

New Forwarding Company is involved in quality and timely repair of railway cars throughout the Russian Federation , CIS and Baltic countries.

Types of rolling stock are as follows:

  • low-sided cars;
  • tank-cars;
  • flat wagons;
  • dump cars;
  • hopper wagons;
  • covered trucks.

NFC is a team of professionals you can entrust your rolling stocks to!

Our advantages:

  • operational efficiency, mobility, high service level;
  • the latest information on the state of rolling stocks;
  • all possible types of repair on private Car-Repair Enterprises (CRE) and enterprises being part of the OJSC Russian Railways (RZD) throughout the Russian Federation;
  • a universal contract covering the required number of car-repair enterprises and types of repair works;
  • a full set of documents available to confirm repair works, work completion certificate, a car-repair enterprise invoice;
  • a railway-car repair is possible outside the Russian Federation (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Latvia, and Lithuania). 



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