Top managers of New Forwarding Company hit the rating of “Kommersant” and Russian Managers Association

On Monday, 28 September, the leading Russian business newspaper “Kommersant” published the results of the joint project of the cognominal publishing house and Russian Managers Association – Rating of the “1000 Most Professional Managers of Russia”. For already 10 years this rating elicits the most professional managers of the country and industry leaders.

Valery Shpakov, General Director of New Forwarding Company occupies one of the highest position in this rating for the third consecutive year. He is acknowledged as one of the most professional managers of the forwarding sector. Vladimir Ryzhkov, Deputy General Director on HR and administrative issues of NFC, has also entered the rating. He is amongst the most professional HR directors in the sphere of transportation.

The purpose of the “Top-1000” is in objective, independent and scaled evaluation of the professional level of Russian top managers, which to the fullest extent reflects professional capabilities of the companies’ managers and accounts for contemporary peculiarities of Russian business. The participants of Russian Managers Association confess that the rating is based on the following principle - “the best elect the best”: top managers evaluate the skills of top managers and functional managers evaluate the skills of functional managers. Such principle allows obtaining the most objective evaluation of skills and performance as well as professional reputation of a manager.


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