This year NPK realized the unique project – urgent transportation of big-volume industrial equipment from Tyumen’ to Nakhodka. In extremely short terms we moved the drilling complex, including the drilling rig, lifting machinery, boarding outfit cars for drilling crew and other equipment.

The distance between Noyabr’sk station and Nakhodka station is 8500 km. The root passed through 6 railroads and included many track sections that were difficult to traverse, such as bridges, tunnels and other. Despite these hash conditions the delivery term was very strict – only 3 months. For comparison, similar drilling complex of smaller volume was being transported over a distance of 2000 km from Europe to Noyabr’sk within 6 months. Other analogous transportations usually take much more time than the 3 months that were set as deadline for NPK.

The cargo for Nakhodka amounted almost 200 rail cars or over 4000 tones of equipment, mostly oversized (some units weighed from 40 to 67 tones). Different types of wagons were used for this transportation, which were successfully provided to the customer with the help of Surgutskoye Division of Sverdlovskaya Railroad.

A lot of technical difficulties followed the project due to delivery urgency: preparation and governmental approval of drafts for every car load, procurement of necessary fixing materials for gondolas and platforms, lack of skilled and sufficiently informed stuff. In common practice such matters are being settled gradually. But in this case we had to manage them at the same time.

Thanks to coordinated work of the customer, contractors (Noyabr’skdorstroy, ABTrans, Rulewave), employees of Noyabr’sk station and Surgutskoye Division of Sverdlovskaya Railroad we have successfully accomplished the mission and are ready for new projects.


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