NFC Head of the Department of Transportation Igor Nikolayenko took floor at the Mining and Smelting Cargoes Railway Transportation in the Russian Federation Conference.

The 4th Mining and Smelting Cargoes Railway Transportation in the Russian Federation International Conference was held in Moscow from October 17 to October 18.

The event brought together all concerned market participants - the representatives of the operating companies, freight forwarders, mining companies, railcar building enterprises, financial enterprises, Russian Railways, railway administrations of Russia's neighboring countries, representatives of scientific community, the FAS of Russia, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation - in order to discuss the main trends in the market of mining and smelting cargoes railway transportation as well as to generate compromise solutions for business development.

The participants discussed the issues related to the maintenance of investment attractiveness and financial sustainability of railway transport, normative legal regulation of railway transport in the context of new configuration of the railway freight market, the prospects of creating commercial infrastructure of the railway freight market, the impact of the empty railcar management model on freight transportation, the interconnection between transportation rates and volumes of coal traffic amidst the crisis in commodity markets, the impact of the mining and smelting cargoes market conditions on the transportation geography.

The key point of the conference was the discussion of the efficiency improvement regarding the cooperation between railway transport and cargo-generating and cargo-transshipment complexes.

Particular attention was paid to operational experience and customer requirements for quality and effectiveness of new-generation open railcars, potential models for the tariff-based promotion of the use of innovative railcars.

Head of the Department of Transportation (universal mobile railway train), New Forwarding Company, JSC, Igor Nikolayenko spoke about the main trends in the market for the provision of cars as well as the prospects for the railway sector development in the context of new realities and opportunities of generating compromise solutions for successful business.

According to Igor Nikolayenko, the railway freight market in the Russia Federation requires the introduction of a new technology of the new railcar fleet management that should include a different planning system based on the discreteness principles. "The unified network engineering process implemented by Russian Railways, OJSC, at the end of 2012, does not operate quite well since its implementation requires bringing some changes into the legal and regulatory base," Igor Nikolayenko said in his speech at the conference. "Besides, it is necessary to address the issue of updating the locomotive fleet". He emphasized that the investments on the part of Russian Railways is not enough to solve the problem on a long-term basis.

According to Igor Nikolaenko, the way out of this problem is creating incentives in order to attract private investments particularly through the implementation of measures aimed at the promotion of competition in the transport sector.


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