NFC CEO Valery Shpakov took floor at the Railway Rolling Stock Market - 2013 Conference

The 4th Railway Rolling Stock Market - 2013 annual conference, organized by Business-Forum Company and the editorial board of Industrial goods magazine, was held on November 15 in Moscow. The current problems of the railway freight market, the dynamics of cargo traffic and rolling stock provision rates as well as the issues of railcars production, the organization of their repair and modernization were discussed at the conference.

New Forwarding Company, JSC was represented by CEO Valery Shpakov. His speech was dedicated to the improvement of the operational efficiency of railcars; by the example of NFC experience Valery Shpakov outlined the operator's competitive growth opportunities in changing market conditions.

According to NFC CEO, there are a number of measures that are likely to have a positive impact on the resolution of existing problems concerning the railway network, related to the degradation of technological and economic performance of the participants of the transportation process. Thus, speaking about technologies, Valery Shpakov appealed for closer cooperation between all participants of the transportation process: the Russian Railways, shippers and operators. However, he emphasized the importance of strengthening the mutual responsibility of market participants.

However, regardless of the improvement of the transportation process technology, more attention should be paid to measures of economic impact, particularly: the attraction of private investments into the renewal of locomotives, economic encouragement of routing, formation of economic incentives in order to replace and withdraw the old fleet of railcars, as well as stimulating the acquisition of innovative railcars. "I believe that economic incentives are the most effective incentives in the context of market economy. Nowadays, the industry is in need of such incentives both for the replacement and withdrawal of old fleet of railcars and for the stimulation of acquisition of innovative railcars, including through making appropriate tariff decisions", Valery Shpakov emphasized.

The conference was attended by over 230 representatives of operating companies, freight forwarders, railcar-building and railcar-repair enterprises, the largest industrial holding companies, government agencies, industry associations and other experts. 


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