NFC First Deputy CEO Vyacheslav Stanislavski gets the floor at the 8th CIS Coal Conference 2012

On March 14-16, Alushta hosted the 8th CIS Coal 2012 International Conference dedicated to topical issues of the coal and coke market development. In the course of the forum, the participants discussed the problems of quality, updating production and transportation of coal and coke. NFC First Deputy Chief Executive Officer Vyacheslav Stanislavski acted as the Coal Railway Transportation session moderator.

He told about basic trends of coal railway transportation market functioning and the prospects for its development, and shared the NFC experience in the field of organization of transportations for the mining sector companies.

The last year's event showed that coal remains the crucial link in further development of power generation and metallurgy in the CIS Member States.

The conference gathered representatives from largest coal mining and coal processing companies, coal and coke consumers from the metallurgy and the fuel and energy branches, coal mining machinery manufacturers, traders, transport operators and ports of Russia, Ukraine, Eastern and Western European countries. Over 300 delegates representing 20 countries around the globe took part in the forum.


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