NFC First Deputy CEO Vyacheslav Stanislavski gets the floor at the Railway Transportations of Mining and Metallurgy Cargoes in Russia Conference

On November 1-2, 2012 Moscow hosted the 3rd Railway Transportations of Mining and Metallurgy Cargoes in Russia International Conference.

Over 200 delegates participated in the conference organized by MAXConference. The event united all the interested market participants: representatives of operating companies, forwarding agents, mining companies, wagon works, financial companies, Russian Railways (RZhD), railway administrations of the countries adjacent to Russia.

Special attention was paid to the approaches of establishing the Uniform Network Procedures, the role of the SRO (Self-Regulating Organizations) in railway transportations; the competitive edge of small and medium-sized operators, the status and the forecast for the market of open wagons and car casting, as well as prospects for mining cargoes exports; efficiency of the existing routes; opportunities of the sea ports infrastructure for mining cargoes transhipment.

In his report, First Deputy CEO of NFC Vyacheslav Stanislavski, highlighted the main trends in the mining cargoes railway transportations market, as well as prospects for the branch development under the new realities and opportunities for seeking compromises for the successful business operations.


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